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Dytanian Stringfellow

Director of Executive Services


Stringfellow is the VIP service visionary behind LuxPro LLC. His undying commitment to client satisfaction is unmistakable. Stringfellow is a 22-year veteran of VIP services. His career originated in Silicon Valley during the early 90s, with success for 16 years as Sales & Marketing Director of the largest and oldest VIP service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stringfellow’s attention to detail and client services began in 1984 as a sales manager for Cannon selling copiers and fax machines door to door to Silicon Valley and downtown San Francisco businesses. In this very competitive market and rigorous daily Sales Cycle Stringfellow learned the value of client and business relations.

Many Silicon Valley executives and event planners knew of Stringfellow and his unfailing commitment to service as a top VIP solutions provider. Since his arrival in Los Angeles, Stringfellow has become known as a competent and respected VIP solution provider in the film & music industry, professional sports areas, and Fortune 500 and 1000 executive staff members. Stringfellow is a true solutions provider and many high-value principals seek his professional VIP advice and services for their worldwide operations.

“It’s been an exciting journey from the San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley to Hollywood, handling VIP requests for the entertainment industry, executive corporate services, and major events. I’m honored to have handled the personal VIP needs of such legends as Tony Bennett, Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali, Danny Glover, Eddie Murphy, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders& Los Angeles Rams, coaches, players, staff and so many others.”

“Handling the private VIP needs of corporations, executive principals and entertainment personalities has always been challenging but very rewarding. I have been able to experience personal client relationships that have cultivated the VIP service skills that have shaped my way of solution providing today. I have grown to listen more, be empathetic to each client’s need and have flexible solutions for each request presented.”

Stringfellow is the VIP service force behind LuxPro LLC. “I’m in the business of White Glove Services and providing intelligent VIP solutions while caring about the needs of our clients”

In his spare time, Stringfellow is a mentor at the Salvation Army ARC in Pasadena, CA, and helps men that are struggling to regain positive solutions to correct their lives. Stringfellow is also an Advocate for the Midnight Mission, a homeless shelter in Downtown Los Angeles’s Skid Row. Stringfellow created a “Suits for Success Program” for the men there at the Midnight Mission who needed suits for upcoming job interviews, apartment viewings, and other business-related activities.

Stringfellow has a deep passion for helping others and finds creative ways to always be of service.

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