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Kieron E. Foley

Director of Security


LuxPro Director of Security is Kieron E. Foley. Kieron is a decorated Retired Beverly Hills Police Officer that served his city and community for over 20 years. With over 40 years of law enforcement and private experience, Kieron brings to LuxPro a vast experience and knowledge in personal protection recommendations, physical security analyses and investigative needs.

After his policing career, Kieron became interested and involved in the personal protection of Dignitaries, CEO’s, professional athletes and celebrity clientele. As an advocate of protection and the rule of law (Federal, State, Municipal and Civil), Kieron has created expert security details and implemented security protocols for the client’s individual Estate/Home, individual personal protection and/or protection of their family weather at home or traveling. Every attention to their protection needs is detailed and addressed.

At any given time, Kieron supervises over 50 professional, experienced and dedicated, retired and active-duty police officers as well as ex-military personnel for estate security, public venues and personal travel needs nationwide for individual clients.

As a result, Kieron is a well-respected security professional and a well-known security advisor. Kieron has a wealth of high-level security experience and insight that has made him one of the most sought after individuals in the private security industry.

For example, Kieron is one of very few security professionals and companies that has augmented and provided personal security for the United States Secret Service in the protection of 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton while they were campaigning in the greater Los Angeles area.

During his tenure in the private security industry, Kieron has provided professional security details and private services for executives in the Film & Music industry, Entertainment Industry Personalities, Fortune 500 businesses and Executive Staff as well as professional athletes.

Kieron provides a comprehensive approach to security, which includes:

  • Exterior and Interior Security (alarms, cameras and lighting)
  • Cyber Security Prevention (computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, smart phones and telephone lines)
  • Personnel (highly trained and confident individuals to protect the client and their privacy)
  • Emergency Response (established protocols and decisions to make in the event of an individual, nationwide or global emergency)

Kieron believes in giving back to people that are in need. Therefore, Kieron’s philanthropy has included as being a founding member of the Class of 1974 Scholarship Fund at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA. He is also a former board member of the Retired Police and Fire Assistance Foundation and Los Angeles Crime Stoppers Association wherein he assisted in raising money and established policies and procedures for all three of these organizations.


Kieron working with the Secret Service Detail for the protection of Bill and Hillary Clinton when Hillary was running for President.


Kieron is with world-renowned Anti-Terrorist & Home-Grown Terrorist expert Errol Southers. Kieron and Errol were Police Academy Instructors for the Santa Monica Police Department before Errol Southers left to join the FBI.


Kieron on the Bill & Hillary Clinton assignment with the Secret Service communicating with Command Center and Sniper Detail Team.

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