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Silvio Samuel

Director of Fitness & Wellness
IFBB World Bodybuilding Champion

Our Director of Fitness & Wellness Silvio Samuel has graced the front cover of every well-known fitness magazine in the country for last 12 years. Silvio has a long history of working to improve the fitness and well being of top Hollywood personalities,well-known current sports figures and executive corporate firmstaff members.

Nigerian born Samuel moved to Spain where he worked hard at his championship dreams before coming to America. Silvio is not only a world champion professional bodybuilder, he’s also a highly organized coach for conditioning and personal wellness for select clients. Silvio has a wealth of experience and is a pro at designing client specific, regimented workouts, good nutritional habits and advising on healthy lifestyle choices.

Silvio pays strict attention to each of his client’s performance, growth and wellbeing. Silvio heads our Fitness and Wellness department with a certified and well-qualified staff of over 20 Personal Trainers that oversee fitness plans worldwide.

Very soon a LuxPro/Silvio Fitness website will be up and operational for daily workout memberships, nutritional guidance, healthy choice plans, Personal Chef prepared meals, Tips & Tricks for staying youthful and full of energy.

Silvio Samuel “El Matador”

  • World Championships 2002 - NAC, Medium, 1st
  • World Championships 2002 - NAC, Overall Winner
  • Universe 2003 - NAC, Medium, 1st
  • Universe 2003 - NAC, Overall Winner
  • World Championships - NAC, Medium, 1st
  • World Championships - NAC, Overall Winner
  • World Championships - WABBA, Short, 1st


  • New York Pro Show IFBB 2006 14th
  • Europa Super Show IFBB 2006. 6th
  • Ironman Pro IFBB 2007, 4th
  • Sacramento Pro IFBB 2007. 2nd
  • 1st 210 Class IFBB show Dallas, TX. 2007 1st*
  • Europa Super Show IFBB, Dallas, TX.2007 1st*
  • Arnold Classic, Pro IFBB 2007. 5th
  • New York Pro Show IFBB 2007. 5th
  • Mr. Olympia 2007, 7th
  • Houston Pro Show IFBB. 2008. 1st*
  • Arnold Classic Pro IFBB 2008. 5th
  • Mr. Olympia 2008, 7th
  • Iron Man Pro Show, IFBB.2009, 1st*
  • Arnold Classic, Pro IFBB.2009. 5th
  • Mr. Olympia 2009, 12th (tie)

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