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Over 23 years of collective Luxury VIP Domestic & Corporate Services, and over 23 years of collective Executive Security and Estate Management experience. LuxPro is your "One Stop Resource" for exclusive, personalized VIP Services. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, LuxPro always has on staff the best VIP professionals in our industry.
Our domestic and corporate service teams are well trained, highly screened, experienced, discreet, professional and attentive to your every need.
We guarantee our service and promise to provide the best experience possible at all times.


LuxPro provides Domestic and Corporate White Glove VIP Services in over 360 cities worldwide.

  • Nationwide VIP Ground Transportation
  • Corporate Travel
  • Estate Management
  • Estate/Home Security
  • Personal, Private & Multi-National Security Details
  • Event Logistic Service
  • Private Jet Flight Services & Private Jet Maintenance
  • Professional Yacht Crews and Maintenance Crews
  • Lifestyle Manager
  • Certified Personal Trainer
Corporate Partners

LuxPro Worldwide Chauffeured Services provides major companies with supremely safe, reliable, dependable, discreet ontime executive car service. Whether you need to visit clients, get to urgent meetings, have visiting clients in town, or are simply looking to travel from one place to another, We provide the best VIP corporate ground transportation in Los Angeles.

LuxPro Executive Security

Over the years LuxPro has acquired many VIP elements to its circle of luxury services. Executive Protection & Transportation is one of our most requested services. LuxPro specializes in Complete Worldwide Traveler Security, Asset Security, Cyber Security, Worldwide Multi-National Security Teams, Event Security, Worldwide Emergency Response Teams, Global Intelligence, Emergency Aviation, Drone Technology, and Business Continuity & Training.

VIP/Executive services

Most executives, actors, musicians, pro athletes, and other celebrities are accustomed to personable, personalized, high-end ground transportation. We work together with agents, publicists, line producers, talent coordinators, business managers, and major studios to ensure a quality, safe, discreet, luxurious transportation experience. No matter your destination, LuxPro will transport you and your guests/clients in discreet safety and style.

Private Flight Services

LuxPro offers on time, reliable, services at all metropolitan airports nationwide, as well as small private airports and Jet Centers. We give our VIP and Executive passengers the first-class luxury experience they expect and deserve starting the moment they set foot in the vehicle.

As Directed

As Directed Services allows LuxPro Clients and Corporate Partners to reserve chauffeured service based on our hourly rates vs. reserving multiple or single,point-to-point transfers.“As Directed” venture is a great benefit when you have appointments and errands that are not set on the calendar, and challenges that have to be handled on the fly.

Entertainment & Production

LuxPro has a wealth of experience working with Line Producers and other production decision makers. We understand deadlines, destination protocols, and budgets. Our highly trained Chauffeurs will always ensure that your principles get from point A to point B in discrete comfort, safety, and style. We will always have a contingency plan and be ready to anticipate the needs of our clients at all times.

High Priority Courier & Delivery

High value, high priority, or legally sensitive documents and items of importance should only be trusted to secure, qualified insured professionals. LuxPro offers discreet, safe, reliable courier & delivery services that are on time, highly secured, and efficient.

Meetings- Events
Meetings & Events

LuxPro utilizes specialized software systems for meetings and events, which empowers our ability to provide exceptional assistance to our Meeting & Events Partners. We can facilitate exceptional travel options for VIPs, Executives, and other personnel. All fleet vehicles undergo daily Covid -19 treatments to ensure client safety.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

LuxPro Non-Emergency Medical Transportation offers discreet, safe, reliable, and personable transportation. We follow all HIPAA guidelines with strict accountability. Whether you are with a company that handles patient transportation or a personal individual with transportation needs, we are always here to be of service.

Estate Management

Our LuxPro Estate Managers are top-level executives that handle large households or complex properties that employ a wide array of personal staff. Our Managers are responsible for working directly with the owner's to plan and execute the owners overall requests for management of the property and the household staff employees.

Meetings- Events
Estate Security

LuxPro Estate Security Services provides the finest, most professional Security Officers for your estate. Our Officers are exclusively active or retired Law Enforcement personnel of the highest caliber and can be utilized in covert or visible applications, depending on your specific needs.

LuxPro Fitness & Wellness

LuxPro Fitness is designed to personally address your specific concerns regarding you and your healthy lifestyle interest. Our focus is to tend to your body type and healthy lifestyle concerns while assisting and motivating you….. to be a healthy better you.

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